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Hello there,
If you’re here, that means you’re interested to know more about the blog, and who’s behind it.


My name is Younes and I am going to succeed in the app industry. (hmm, or maybe not!)

If you ask me, it does feel strange to say these things especially that I don’t have a single app even in paper. But just like many aspiring “appreneurs” before me, I want to succeed.
How ? By learning and researching all I can together with you – yes, with you.

I want to share all the things that I am learning and learned as I go through my journey starting from working on my first reskin to publishing my own customized app.
So, just as I stated, I’m a total beginner in the field and I decided to launch this blog for 2 purposes :

  • A selfish reason : To be able to understand better the mobile app industry, and make more profits (Because writing will force me to learn more and be more dedicated in my work).
  • An altruistic reason : Share with you guys what the knowledge and tools I discover in my journey to have a passive income from mobile apps

I will write soon about my challenge that I will start in the coming days and my goals in the mobile app field.

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