Reskinning Apps Do's and Don'ts

Reskinning Apps Do’s and Don’ts – Part 1

Buying Source Code

Do’s  :                   

  • It is best to buy source code from app flipping companies that reskin their own apps. This is to ensure that you will have a high level of support in case there is a problem with the source code.
  • Make sure that the source code supports the latest platform version. Also make sure what specific platform the source code is made for and in what devices they could work. Generally, source codes will only work for one platform and specific devices.
  • Look for a source code with cloned mechanics that you can reuse. A match-3 game format is proven to attract many downloads. You can select a source code that uses the same mechanics or rules as any of existing match-3 game apps.
  • Consider the features that come with the app. There should be something more (options for social network sharing, etc.) than the original app.
  • Buy a multiple-license app template. This will enable you to reskin the app as many times as you deem necessary using different themes that target different demographics.
  • Check for the documentation that comes with the source code. Well-structured source codes should have good documentation. The documentation is where you can find information on the procedure that the original programmer use and you can use in reskinning and then publishing the app. This usually includes instructions for inserting your account information to divert ad revenue to your account.
  • Check for the organization of files and settings. The graphic files should be arranged in a way that is easy to access with proper labels so that you know what is used in specific parts of the app. The file types for the graphics should also be the same within each source code.
  • Buy graphics together with the code. There are several source code marketplaces that also offer the services of predefined graphics that you can use for multiple reskins of the app. This can be good deal and you can also save a lot of time.

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App reskinning advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of App Reskinning

App reskinning has had a lot of bad press lately. It had been branded as a way to spam the App store and fill the pockets of developers without contributing anything to the app industry. But as with anything else, there’s more to app reskinning than all its negative aspects. Let’s closely examine the various advantages and disadvantages of app reskinning.

Advantages of App Reskinning :

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App reskinning

An Introduction to App Reskinning

What is App Reskinning?

To reskin means to replace, repair or rework the exterior, coating or general appearance of something mostly to make it appear different; like a new coat of paint on an old wall or a new a body for an old car model. It’s the same with app reskinning. You get a source code for an app and tweak its graphics, sound, and music (considered as “app assets”) to give the app a new feel. It takes away the hassle of building an app from scratch – a process that needs a certain level of expertise in programming and game design.

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