Mobile App Analytics Tools and Resources

Mobile App Analytics Tools

App analytics is a flourishing industry, so much so that app analytics tools had sprouted left and right. Just like in discovering apps, developers may go for the default tool or seek for something that would cater to their niche of needs. More often than not, it’s a ‘you win some, you lose some’ scenario: no tool can just have it all at the same time and the way you want it. But as the app industry is evolving, so are the services catering to every aspect of this evolution. Discover trusted and new app analytics tools that can help in your app’s growth and success.

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Important Metrics in Mobile App Analytics

Analytics had now evolved to adapt a new platform. Mobile app analytics is getting more relevant as the mobile app industry continues to rise. But unlike other business models, apps doesn’t have a single key performance indicator (KPI) that would determine its success. The app industry is dynamic and volatile at the same time. About 22% of downloaded apps only get used once with users uninstalling apps almost instantaneously after installation.

According to a survey conducted by Tapdaq, only 5% of the 90% of developers who have a third party analytics SDK implementation in their apps know how to properly interpret the data they track. This is understandable since most mobile app developers just want to see revenue. But mobile app analytics exists as a means of tracking data pertinent to the performance of the app and user behavior that can drive long-term revenue. It is more than present downloads and revenue. So how can you make the most out of app analytics? Learn the ropes through familiarization of the most important metrics of course. Read More