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In a previous article, we discussed the benefits and setbacks of app review sites. But since you’re already reading this article, it seems that the benefits outweigh these setbacks. If you still have doubts, here’s a little secret: you can offset almost all the setbacks by just selecting the right app review site. That’s right. The setbacks are commonly dependent on how the site handle the app review.


In this article, we made a list of dedicated app review sites and sites that feature app reviews. Several of these are niche sites that cater for children’s apps or gaming apps. The intention of this list is not to rank these sites, though. There are other more popular sites but the intention here is to discover new avenues for app exposure. So prepare to learn about hidden gems and sites you never thought can actually feature your app.


Exclusive App Review Sites

  1. Games Finder. This app review site has a database of games that are similar to popular games. You can either search similar apps by platform or browse through their expansive ‘Games Like’ directory. This directory is manually curated and reviewed by an in-house team. Each featured app has a concise and direct to the point review, screens, video previews, a site score and average score from users, and download links.
  2. Best Kids App. This site exclusively caters to apps for children from 0-12. According to the site, they have over 100,000 visitors every month, the majority being parents. Apps are classified through device type (iPhone, iPad, and Android). They then sort apps for each device into categories under a bestsellers list, and ‘Lists of Bests’.  The review itself is brief and is more of a recommendation than a real review. Rightfully so, since moms write these reviews.
  3. TouchArcade. This site is considered as the biggest portal and forum for iOS games. There are app news stories that dissect an app’s features. Then there are the extensive reviews and walkthroughs. Despite being written by different authors, the reviews seem to conform to a format driven by an analytical and descriptive voice.
  1. SlideToPlay. This is another gaming portal. It caters to iOS and Android games. The site’s main goal is to curate mobile and connected TV game markets. Their landing page boasts of eye-catching, scrolling navigation spreads of app review snippets and app video previews. Interestingly, they only deliver 1-5 handpicked games every day.
  2. State of Tech. This site features video reviews (via YouTube) for iOS and Android apps. These video reviews are actually demos of the app. These demos are often straightforward, without any personal opinions except for some recommendations on the video’s accompanying text.
  3. App Apes. The site guarantees that all app submissions receive a feature with an App Apes Verdict (comprised of a four bar rating criteria) and a pros and cons list. Your app can only qualify for a concise written review if you follow App Apes on Twitter.
  4. 148 Apps. This site requires apps to have excellent graphical assets, a unique or original concept, and well-organized supporting materials (app store link, descriptions, video preview, etc.). As they say “Quality always trumps marketing strategy.” The review itself provides a detailed walkthrough of the app’s main features and mechanics. You can also avail of review badges you can show in your app’s landing page.
  5. Pocketgamer. Pocketgamer is the global authority when it comes to anything mobile. The site has a dedicated team that is responsible for the aggregation of gaming apps. They provide in-depth observations, advice, gameplay tips, and curated lists of games that often end up ignored in app stores.
  6. Gamezebo. This site does not only review but also feature latest stories about gaming apps to watch out for. They also cover stories about game developers and gaming culture in general. There are walkthroughs, tips, cheats, curated lists, and of course, detailed reviews. Even before the review begins, they will present ‘The Good’ and ‘The Bad’ features of the game.
  7. Appolicious. This app review site exclusively caters to iPhone apps and is one of the pioneering app review sites. Appolicious provides an exclusive and unbiased free review that isn’t a duplicate of any other review or part of an app description. These free reviews can appear as part of a curated list in the form of ‘Best Apps/Games for’ and the like. But if you want an assured review, the site also features expedited reviews for $80. Your app will get a thorough review that they will publish within five working days.


Featured App Reviews

The following sites feature app reviews as a separate category or as a part of the category on mobile devices. Unlike exclusive app review sites, app review can appear sporadically in some of these sites.

  1. Commonsense Media. This is a digital content review site. It has a comprehensive age-based rating system. This system helps and educates parents in selecting digital content for their children. There’s also an emphasis on educational value. Each content assessment is based on the academic subjects and extracurricular skill sets that it can help children develop.

Common Sense Media Screengrab

  1. Android Authority. This site has about 30 million monthly readers. These readers are mostly enthusiasts that are into Android news, features, reviews, and product recommendations. App reviews are succinct and detail-rich.

Android Authority Screengrab

  1. IGN is the internet leader for video game and entertainment enthusiasts. The site has over 68 million monthly users. They have 16 million fans on social media and 9 million YouTube subscribers that count on the site’s authority. App reviews come in the form of a summary, features, and game editions. Screengrab

  1. Android Central. This site reviews all things Android. The site’s reviews for software like apps, games, and Android OS are in-depth and present new perspectives. These app reviews’ target audience are average Android users, which is always a plus. The site seldom cover individual apps though, and if they do, it’s mostly in ‘The Best’ type lists.

Android Central Screengrab

  1. PCMag. PC Mag delivers more than 2,500 product reviews every year. This site offers hands-on reviews for apps from all mobile platforms. Aside from that, reviews include ‘Pros’, ‘Cons’, and ‘Bottom Line’ to give the audience a better picture of the app. There is also a product comparison, wherein your app is stacked against similar apps.

App Review Sites PC Mag Screengrab

  1. Wired. This site is a vital source of information in the ever-changing field of technology. It covers how technology is changing every aspect of life. About 30 million people visit not only the site but also their magazine and social media accounts. The site’s app reviews are insightful. You can learn of the apps’ backstories directly from its developers and founders.

App Review Sites Wired Screengrab

  1. Business Insider. The site uses a fun, concise and informative format of storytelling that heavily leans on positive themes. The site’s ‘Apps Of The Week’ page features lists of best iPhone and iPad apps of the week. It can also include best apps missed that week and app recommendations based on topic. If you think that it’s difficult for you app to get a feature, there’s advertisement option. With this option, the site will feature a full-length article about your app.

App Review Sites Business Insider Screengrab

  1. CNET. CNET offers advice, information, and tools for tech consumers. The site gets about a million visitors every month. The app review process comes in two parts: the first part is a review from a CNET staff and the second part is a user review.

App Review Sites CNET Screengrab

  1. Top Ten Reviews. This review site reviews products from a vast array of categories. They have reviewers and editors that specialize in different products and services. They don’t only review the products, but also research marketplaces for the best options available.

App Review Sites Top Ten Reviews Screengrab

  1. Destructoid. This site is a community for gamers. The site’s audience is almost exclusively gamers and geeky people.An in-house editorial team provides personal and opinionated game critique.  Therefore, reviews are often honest and based on real gaming experience.

App Review Sites Destructoid Screengrab

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