Productivity Apps for Small Business

App Development Ideas: Productivity Apps for Small Business

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Apps that solve specific problems fill a need that target audiences may not know they have. Mobile apps, in general, has a lot of benefits for businesses, especially the apps for small business enterprises. But aside from the apps that are tailor-made for a specific company, there are also apps that can help businesses accomplish day-to-day tasks. This is where productivity apps come to the rescue.


Let’s take a look on what services, tools and types of small business one can target for a productivity app.


Productivity Apps for Small Business

Is still there an app that hasn’t been made? It seems like every other app is just an iteration of an existing app concept. Thankfully, there are still app niches to explore and develop. Businesses, even the brick, and mortar ones are now facing an ever-changing business environment. They need specific tools in order to make business processes more efficient.


A lot of productivity apps target a broad audience, therefore offering general features that almost everyone can use. Productivity apps for small business, on the other hand, often offer specific solutions for problems that large businesses solve with the use of expensive systems. But what problems are we talking about here?


Problems that Apps for Small Business Can Solve

  1. The hassle of business taxes. According to data from the NFIB, taxes consistently rank as first of second most important problem for small owners since 2008. There are actually several small business tax apps out in the app stores. Most of these apps are geared for the US, though. A small business tax tool especially targeted for a specific region can help a lot.
  2. Business expense management. This can include keeping track of any bills, receipts, mileage, etc. An app called Mint not only track your personal financial data but also the state of your investments, especially your business. An app like this can also help in sorting out taxes by expediting the auditing process.
  3. Task management. There are lots of task and project management apps out there. One of the main problems with these apps is that they are designed with large and/or remote teams in mind. Sometimes, you just need a tool to organize, schedule, and remind employees of assigned tasks. A tool like this is especially handy when you are on trips. Though there are apps that already offer solid small business task management, a new take on the problem is always welcome.
  4. Business networking. Being a small business doesn’t mean that your world should also be limited to your establishment’s four walls. That said, business networking apps can be helpful especially for budding entrepreneurs.
  5. Lead management. There are apps that specifically track sales leads. This is dead useful especially for small businesses that don’t have the resources for CRM software or just want to focus on leads.


Industries to Tap

These are just five of the productivity solutions apps can offer to small businesses. But in order to narrow down the app’s audience and features, these specific industries/niches can benefit from apps for small business:

  • Farming/Agriculture Industry in general
  • Delivery Services
  • Home Services (plumbing, cleaning, etc.)
  • Childcare Services (daycare, babysitters, etc.)
  • Event Organizer

If you’re thinking of creating a unique solution for small businesses but don’t know where to start, just select a specific industry to tap and then search for sources of innovative mobile app ideas within the industry. You’ll be surprised on the potential that even simple solutions can have.

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